Sponsorship Management
Sponsorships can be a cost-effective way of reaching your target audience. You may be looking for sponsors or you may be a company looking to engage with potential customers through sponsorship. Either way, our services can be tailored to your very unique needs. The services include successful sponsorship negotiations with roles on both sides of the table. We now provide entities looking to place their sponsorship budget with services that best fit their needs and company offering, for maximum exposure.
This includes Advisory and Opportunity evaluation, Sponsorship Placement and Management, Sponsorship Proposal Review and more. Spanning a large spectrum of events and activities across the globe with sponsorship opportunities from sports events, art fairs & exhibits, music festivals, concert tours, fashion events to major business forums, exhibitions, and humanitarian aid activities. Each of these opportunities can be packaged to meet your specific needs and goals by process of
  • Sponsorship Strategy
  • Research on sponsor options
  • Budget & Valuation
  • Negotiation Support
  • Sponsorship Management
Sponsorship Benefits
  • Exclusive naming rights and extensive display throughout the entire event space
  • Large exhibit space to showcase and sell your products or services at the sponsored event
  • Category exclusivity and multiyear contracts
  • Great brand alignment and activation opportunities
  • Complimentary tickets, VIP benefits and incentive programs for clients, new customers, and employees
Let's work together, to exceed your next year’s targets! For more information please contact us at info@qubevents.com