Sponsor Information
The Nextgen Payments Forum gives you the opportunity to create your own customised platform for showcasing your solutions and interacting with your target audience. This is not the typical conference or large-scale exhibition model: at the Nextgen Payments Forum, you can expect to depart with new essential collaborations and strengthened business relationships with decision makers and influencers. The quality of the speakers and participants, the dedicated organising team and the venue lead to an event experience encouraging connection with attendees in a very organic way. 
In what ways can you involve your company as a sponsor:
  • Deliver a keynote presentation or workshop
  • Raise exposure through our media partners and social media channels
  • Conduct pre-arranged one-on-one business meetings
  • Treat your peers to a dinner / coffee / cocktail
  • Engage with the attendees through a fun and memorable networking experience
  • Generate and use custom video content or livestream sessions to reach a larger audience
  • and many more
Why sponsor the Nextgen Payments Forum:
  • Reduce your sales cycle
  • Meet senior decision makers and influencers
  • Fully customized formal and informal networking activities
  • Industry leading content and interactive discussions
  • Excellent brand exposure
  • Create a meaningful connection with a senior audience
For more information please feel free to send us a quick note and we will get back to you within 24 hours.