At the 5th NPF & REGTECH Leaders Forum, we seek expertise from leading practitioners in the field and invite industry pioneers to share their insights on how to thrive in this evolving business landscape. The agenda combines keynote sessions on industry-wide issues with focused workshops, panel discussions, presentations and practical case studies for Compliance, Payments professionals and Solution providers to better address their specific needs.
Some of the key themes identified as being of particular interest include:
  • Regulatory Update: Upcoming regulatory changes, effects and compliance
  • Leveraging the use of new and emerging technology beyond payments compliance to minimize costs while adding value and efficiency
  • Partnerships and collaboration among key stakeholders to raise industry standards while boosting innovation
  • The future of payments and compliance from blockchain, to AI and machine learning
  • Harnessing innovation through regulation
  • Focus on Fintech and Regtech trends
  • Fraud prevention, financial crime and identity management
  • Real-time transactions, omni-channel integration and cross-border operations
  • The impact of mobile within the payments sector
  • E-commerce, customer experience, big data analytics
  • Boosting compliance and payments operations through strategic automation and process optimization
Inviting forward-thinking business leaders and compliance experts to take part in thought-provoking sessions to facilitate industry collaboration while stimulating market innovation, we select our collaborators very carefully and would like to invite you to engage with us and take part in the industry conversation for this special occasion.
For further information on the agenda or to explore speaking opportunities, please contact Natalie Hami - Production Director at or +357 22 010583