Cybersecurity has become the primary concern for all organisations


As the global digital landscape continues to expand across all business sectors from finance, to energy, healthcare, defence and government, it has become critical for infrastructure and information to be adequately secured. 


Most importantly, businesses must evolve and adapt to meet these new cyber challenges, which highlight the need for an innovative strategy and an informed team – this being paramount to survival. 


Bringing together experts, in the form of CIOs, CISOs, CTOs and Heads of IT from the cybersecurity industry with leading solution providers in an intimate and dynamic one-day event format, the Cybersecurity Leaders Forum MENA 2017 captures the current ecosystem; putting cybersecurity at the heart of the conversation to further advance strategic industry collaborations. 


Major themes to be covered include:

  • Inspiring corporate culture change within a company to address key cybersecurity needs.

  • Creating company-wide awareness, from employees all the way up to board level, on current cybersecurity practices and data protection. 

  • Cybersecurity training practices for employees.

  • How to invest in a cybersecurity team and talent sourcing of IT professionals in the region.

  • Cybersecurity – more than just tech?

  • Not a matter of IF but WHEN you are hacked – how to bounce back quickly and with minimal damage. BEING PROACTIVE AND REACTIVE to minimising risk


The Cybersecurity Leaders Forum MENA 2017 brings together attendees from leading organisations representing the entire cybersecurity industry:


  • Global as well as regional cybersecurity experts

  • IT recruitment specialists

  • Cybersecurity authorities/regulatory bodies

  • e-Government authorities

  • Regional banks

  • Healthcare

  • Energy

CyberSecurity Leaders Forum